Vertigocam IOS App

Get creative and explore the possibilities of the famed "Vertigo-Effect".

Vertigocam lets you record short videos with the "Vertigo Effect", named after the famous movie by Alfred Hitchcock, but also known as "Dolly Zoom" and other variations. It works by simultanously moving the camera and zooming to compensate for the changing subject size. This results in a visually dramatic perspective shift. Go try it yourself!

Promo Video

Whatch this if you want to quickly get an impression of our app.

Usage Tips

Read these tips and watch the video below to get the most out of the effect.

Two options

Because somehow we all have to pay rent.



Comes with most of the functionality.

  • Record unlimited amount of clips
  • Use face detection to stabilize
  • Always records 1 sec
  • Contains small watermark
  • Displays ads from time to time